Our service

We love doing it for you!

By Robert Melin

Our thought is that you are going to be able to have a great party and enjoy it with your guests.
Apart from excellent food we can set up, arrange waitresses and help you find a groovy DJ or a funky party band.
If you love the golden oldies or the latest house beats, we have the contacts. We can also arrange the music equipment suitable for your needs.

Do you want to have a party but don’t have a venue?
We can help you find it -anywhere in Stockholm.


Need help to decorate the venue?
We know creative people with lots of experience who can help with decorating and making boring venues look hot! We can also get all the things you need for your party, such as glasses, cutlery and crockery, table cloths and candles etc.


Do you want to have a barbeque party outdoors?
Rent one of our chefs who brings food, the grill, charcoal, plates, glasses, blankets and anything else you might need. We love our barbies all year around!