by Robert Melin

On this page we have collected some common questions and answers. We might not have covered all the things you might be wondering about. If you don’t find your question here, please give us a ring! You can reach us on 0704-22 40 51

Is it possible to mix menues from different countries?
Absolutely! Compose a menu yourself and we’ll agree on a price or just call us to get som suggestions and inspiration.

We have a local venue for a party, but no kitchen, tables or chairs, crockery or glasses. What do we do?
What you don’t have, we can get.

How do we find a groovy DJ or a funky party band?
No worries. We have lots of contacts in the entertainment business.

How do we go about ordering catering and how many people do we have to be?
It depends on the kind of food or party you want.The prices are based on a “normal” amount of people; 25-50 people. If you are a bigger group of people, then that it’s cheaper. If less than 25 ,a bit pricier. Minimum order is SEK 3.000.

Orders should be placed at least 3 days before the event.If you are looking for something last minute, we’ll do what we can to help you out.

Just call and we will help you! 0704-22 40 51

Our menus are just suggestions. If you want something specific and can’t find it, we can arrange it!
We tailor make the menus to suit your desires.
If you want organic, low GI, vegetarian or anything else, just let us know.

How much is transport?
Monday-Thursday 09.00-18.00 inner city:
One way 300 SEK. Drop and fetch 500 SEK.
Weekends, evenings and outside city centre:
One way 600 SEK. Drop and fetch 1000 SEK.
You can also return the serving items the following day.

How much is it to rent staff?
Waitresses and bartender: 250 SEK/hour. Chef: 500 SEK/hour. Project manager: 500 SEK/hour. After midnight it is an extra SEK 100/hour.
25% VAT is added to those prices.

How much for the china?
We work together with Norrorts Partyservice
If you tell us what you need we can order it from them.
The food is delivered on our plates and in our bowls.
We can also deliver on disposable plates for a small fee.
The client is responsible for damaged goods.

More questions? Call us! 0704-22 40 51