From SEK 190/person

I must admit,  Asian food is my absolute favourite. Indian, thai, chinese, vietnamese, korean or japanese. Bring it on!
What I like about it is that they are generous with flavours and spices.
Japanese food is another speciality of mine.
I started to make sushi in 1986 and have written 3 books on the subject.  The latest one you can order here.
We also offer sushi classes and sake tastings.  We can really recommend this, it’s a lovely way to hang out with your mates! Below are a few examples of my favourite Asian delights. If you would like something else, call 0704-224051 or send us a mail.


Edamame (Fresh Soy Beans)
California Rolls with real crab
Inside-out with salmon, avocado, chives and sesame seeds
Nigiri with Salmon, flounder and grilled eel
Tataki- Chili Seared Tuna
Real Yakitori-Chicken Skewers
Chuka Ika Sansai- divine squid salad
285 SEK/person

Prawn Crackers
Woked Vegetables with Oyster Sauce
Chili Marinated Scampi Skewers
Fillet Steak with Soya, Garlic, Ginger and Lime
Chicken with Chili Jam
Glass Noodle Salad with Mango, Fresh Herbs, Lime and Coriander
Carrot and Bean Sprout Salad with Fish Sauce, Peanuts and Herbs
255 SEK/person

Indian Veggie Buffet
Aubergine Calcutta
Saag Paneer-Stewed Spinach with Cheese
Dal Makhani – Lentils Tossed with Garlic, Onion and Tomato
Aloo Gobhi Masala – Cauliflower, Potato and Green Peas in a Masala Sauce
Naanbread and Basmati Rice
230 SEK/person

Dessert Tips
Coconut Pudding with Exotic Fruit 30 SEK/person
Green Tea Tiramisu 30 SEK/person

12% VAT is added.