From SEK 220/person

The African continent has many cuisines on offer. We have only scratched a bit on the surface with the offering of our two buffets. However, we are always open to more suggestions and ideas, so let us know if you want to see something different from this side of the world.

North Africa
Chermoula Salmon
Roasted Lamb with Harissa
Green Salad
Bstilla-Marroccan Festive Pie
Babah Ganoush (Aubergine dip)
Pita Bread
225 SEK/person

South Africa
Cape Malay Lamb Curry
Boerewoors-South African sausage
Chutney Chicken with Basmati Rice
Butternut Salad with Feta and Baby Spinach
Curried Green Beans
Bread with Sundried Tomato Créme
235 SEK/person
Malva Pudding 30 SEK/person
Milk Tart 20 SEK/person

12% VAT is added.