Student Spring 2018

Soon spring is here and so are all the young dudes with white hats, screaming away from the back of lorries. We have supported many students eating over the years and can now proudly present a perfect student buffet. Of course you can order what ever you want. We cook food from all over the world! These are just a couple of suggestions. Give me a call or send me a mail to book or get more options.

Student 2018 Budget Mexico
Chicken al Diablo-creamy hot chicken
Carnitas-Pulled Pork
Tomatoes, Pickled red onions, Corn
Salad, Grated cheddar cheese, Sour Cream
Mexican Chilli sauce
170 SEK/person

Student 2018 de luxe
Fillet steak with salsa verde
Lime-herb marinated corn chicken breasts
Green Caesar salad with croutons
Tomato salad with mozarella, pickled red onions and basil oil
Crispy Italian fresh potato salad
Sourdough bread and tapenade
230 SEK/person

We can also offer tasty options for the vegetarians and for allergic persons.