Student times

Sep 30th

Here are some suggestions for your student party. Get in touch if you want more suggestions. We are here to help!

Student 2020 Mexican Style
Chicken al Diablo-creamy hot chicken
Carnitas-Pulled Pork
Home made Pico de gallo
Salad, grated Cheddar cheese, sour cream
Mexican Chili sauce
170 SEK/person

Student 2020 de Luxe
Fillet Steak with salsa verde
Lime-and herb marinated chicken breasts
Green Caesar salad with croutons
Proper Greek Salad
Crispy Italian Fresh Potato salad with haricot vert
Sour dough Bread with tapenade
230 kr/person

Finger Food Student
Chicken Skewers with Sticky sås
Mini Toast Skagen
Crostini with garlic fried mushrooms
Mini Västerbotten Pie with sour cream and fish roe
Canapés with smoked salmon, green asparagus and horse radish cream
Homemade meatballs on sticks with olives, feta cheese & Raita dip sauce
190 SEK/person

Dessert tips
Sticky White Chocolate Cake  30 SEK/person
Lemon Meringue Pie  35 SEK/person
Blue Berry Pie 30 SEK/person
Apple Crumble  30 SEK/person
Gluten Free Chocolate Cake  30 SEK/person
South African Milk Tart  25 SEK/person
South African Malva Pudding  35 SEK/person
Dulce de Leche Mousse  30 SEK/person
Lime- and Vanilla Pannacotta with berries  30 SEK/person
Coconut Pannacotta with Mango (lactose free)  30 SEK/person
Chocolate Mousse  30 SEK/person
Tiramisu  30 SEK/person
Key Lime Pie  30 SEK/person
Caramelised Pears with Kesella 30 SEK/person
Chia Pudding with dates and figs (lactose free)  30 SEK/person

12 % VAT is added.