Christmas Tables 2017

Sep 30th

It’s only Christmas once a year. People here are usually fed up with Swedish Christmas food around Lucia. We offer apart from the traditional Swedish X-mas buffet a few alternatives. Especially the japanese is a hit! We make sushi on the spot. If you want something else, just say so! We can also help you withe everything around the food: Staff, cutlery, crockery, decoration and now even a magiker!

Japanese Christmas Buffet 2017
Fortune cookies
Edamame-fresh soya beans
California rolls (with real crab!)
Vego roll with avocado, chives and cucumber
Nigiri-zushi with salmon, tuna and snapper
Sashimi with salmon and tuna tataki
Japanese glassnoodle salad
Shuka ika Sansai-squid salad
Yakitori skewers with rice
Coconut pannacotta with lime and mango
Price: 350 SEK/person

Indian Christmas Buffet 2017
Aubergine Calcutta
Indian cauliflour and spinach mix
Spicy cucumber with mint and green peas
Chicken Garam Masala
Tandoori Salmon
Shrimps in coriander and veggie sauce
Pilaf Rice
Naan bread
Raita with cucumber and mint
Coconut cake
Mixed fruit
Price: 350 SEK/person

Classic Swedish Christmas Table 2017
Three kinds of herring with boiled potatoes
Warm smoked salmon with horsereddish cream
Gravlax with matching sauce
Egg halves with Skagen
Gubbröra- anchovies, eggs and potatoes
Janssons Temptation
Christmas Ham
Homemade meatballs
Prince sausage from Taylor & jones
Red cabbage Salad
Three kinds of mustard
Bread from Bakery & Spice, Christmas Cheese and butter
Ginger biscuits, caramel and satsumas
Price: 350 SEK/person

12% VAT is added to the prices.